Field Directions

Atchison Football field
825 North 17th Street, Just behind the Atchison Elementary School
Turn LEFT onto BRANCH ST/MO-92. Continue to follow MO-92.  Turn LEFT onto MO-273.  Turn RIGHT onto MO-273/MO-45.  Turn LEFT onto US-59/MO-273. Continue to follow US-59 S (Crossing into KANSAS).  Turn RIGHT onto KS-7 N.  Turn LEFT onto MAIN ST/KS-7.  Turn RIGHT onto KS-7/17TH ST/N 17TH ST.  Turn RIGHT onto RILEY ST.

Benton High School
Merge onto I-29 N/US-71 N via the ramp on the LEFT toward ST JOSEPH.  Merge onto I-229 N via EXIT 43 toward DOWNTOWN/ST JOSEPH.  Merge onto MO-752 via EXIT 1D.  Turn RIGHT onto SOUTHWEST PKWY.  Turn SHARP RIGHT onto S 4TH ST.

East Buchanan High School
Merge onto I-29 N/US-71 N via the ramp on the LEFT toward ST JOSEPH.  Take the MO-H/MO-Z exit, EXIT 30, toward NEW MARKET/DEARBORN.  Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto MO-Z/MAPLE LEAF ST. Continue to follow MO-Z.  Turn LEFT onto MAIN ST/MO-Y. Continue to follow MO-Y.  Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto MO-116.  Turn LEFT onto US-169.  Turn LEFT onto SMITH AVE.

903 North Davis Street, Hamilton, Missouri 64644
I-29 North to US 36 Hwy East to Hwy 13 Exit (second Hamilton exit) turn left onto Hwy 13 (Davis St.) continue past the four way(about 6 blocks) and the High school will be on your left

King City
Take I-29 N toward St. Joseph.  Take hwy 169 to King City.   Turn right onto Empire Street/Hwy Z (off of 169).   Follow one block (up the hill) and the school is on the left hand side.

Warren Middle School 3501 New Lawrence Road. Come across bridge and go straight on Metropolitan. Take a left on 10th Street and go several miles till get to light at Gatewood. Take a right and field is straight ahead on left.

Maryville’s Donaldson Westside Park
I – 29 North towards St. Joseph.  Continue to Hwy 71 (same exist as going to Savannah) to Hwy 46(1st Street) turn left and continue through the stop lights on Main Street.  Keep going West from the stop light about 2 miles to Icon Road (The Country Club is on the corner) and turn right on Icon Road and go about 1 mile and Donaldson Westside Sports Complex is on the west side of the road.

Take I-29 to 36 East toward Cameron.  Turn North on Hwy 33/Hwy A (if you turn South on this exit you would be in Osborn).  Hwy 33 goes all the way to Maysville.  Go to Center of Town, Main St.  Turn Left on Main St. Heading West a couple of blocks and the school in on the right.

Mid-Buchanan Field
Merge onto I-29 N/US-71 N via the ramp on the LEFT toward ST JOSEPH.  Take the MO-DD exit, EXIT 35, toward FAUCETT.  Turn LEFT onto MO-DD/SE GRAND RD.  Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto MO-371.  Turn SHARP RIGHT onto MO-H.

North Platte High School
Take I-29 North toward St. Joseph.  Take Exit 30 toward New Market/Dearborn.   Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto MO-Z/MAPLE LEAF ST.   Turn LEFT onto MAIN ST/MO-Y.  Turn LEFT onto W 6TH ST.

Savannah Upper/Lower
Take I-29 N to Hwy 71.  From Hwy 71 turn RIGHT onto Hwy E at the Sonic. Go one half mile to county road 333/Ironwood Rd. Turn right.

645 South Commercial Avenue, Smithville, MO. 64089

St Joseph Christian
Merge onto I-29 N/US-71 N via the ramp on the LEFT toward ST JOSEPH.  Merge onto US-36 E via EXIT 46A toward CAMERON.  Take the MO-AC/RIVERSIDE RD ramp.  Turn LEFT onto MO-AC/S RIVERSIDE RD. Continue to follow S RIVERSIDE RD.  Turn LEFT onto GENE FIELD RD.

St. Joe North/South
Take I-29 to I-229. Take the St. Joseph/HWY 59 exit. Follow straight to KRUG PARK. Turn right at the swimming pool.

West Platte
1103 Washington Street, Weston, MO
Take 92 highway towards Tracy – Turn left onto MO 273 – follow this until the stop sign and make a right onto MO-273 N/?MO-45 N – turn left onto Washington and drive past the high school and turn right on Beaumont.