Placement Camp – August 1st thru 4th

Location – Grass strip on 92 highway in front of the middle school (3rd/4th on the south end next to Dr. Billings office, 5th/6th grade in the middle and 7th grade will be on the North end closest to the high school)

Time – 6:30pm to 8:30pm (it will start a little late due to weigh in’s the first night, see previous post)

We will have two teams in the 5th and 6th division and two teams in the 3rd and 4th division. We will have an A team and a B team in each division. All of the players will be evaluated next week to determine which team that they will be on this year. If the weather is nice, we may be able to complete the placement camp sooner. Once your son is assigned to a team, the head coach will reach out to you to let you know when practices are going forward and they will also hold a parents meeting to discuss various topics.

Helmets and shoulder pads on Monday. Full pads the rest of the week. No physical contact without doctor’s physical.

Weather rules apply. We will post heat updates via email, Facebook &